Day 5: August 29, 2001
More Georgia

We had barely rejoined the preplanned route when we experienced our first computer melt-down. By the time everything was restarted, we had missed a turn and were several miles off course. Chris has quickly mastered the "On Board Navigation System" and soon had us on the proper heading.

Granny's Letters:

Eighty years of urban growth have left very little to connect with the 1920 drive in Marietta or Atlanta. In Atlanta, we missed a semi-planned connection with fellow Corvette dude, Chaz, (and the gracious offer of a free adult beverage) through lack of attention to the telephone. That made finding this unpaved stretch of railroad hugging roadway extra welcome. This section of the Old Griffin Road has been graded, graveled, and widened but some of the flavor of early inter-state travel remains. There were a number of newer houses along the road and I suspect it will not be unpaved for long.

South of Atlanta, these two towns were right where Granny said they should be.

It may not look all that significant but, for us, this road sign marks one of the days highlights. Granny mentioned being on "the finest roads I ever saw" when they encountered the National Highway near Fort Valley. I had checked a few maps but had not turned up anything promising in the vicinity. We spotted an Old Vienna Road marker near the community of Henderson and Chris quickly checked to see if this still reached Vienna. Not only did this lead to our next target, on the way there, it became the "Old National" road. Although no longer bearing its original name near Fort Valley, we had found a little piece of the road that had so impressed the travelers of 1920. It was along this road that we saw the first "ripe" cotton of the trip. Thinking of her grandson, Chris "borrowed" a couple of bolls for educational purposes.

Vienna is the town that prompted Granny's observation that "Every county seat has a confederate monument." and Dooley County's monument is prominent in the town square.

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