Day 4: August 28, 2001
On to Rome

We spent the night with Chris's Aunt Margaret (great room rates!) and, after a LARGE breakfast, headed back to the route at Huntsville.

Granny's Letters:

This road sign was evidence that Granny's "Camp Uncomfortable" was nearby. There was a rock strewn and decidedly uncomfortable hill side along the road side but nothing to pinpoint a camp site. The town of New Hope was a short distance further on.

As Granny described, finding the boundaries between these three towns isn't easy. In fact, we initially thought that Alabama city had been swallowed by its neighbors but eventually found it.

What Granny called Centerville is actually named Centre. We had such difficulty finding photographable display of the town name that it became a crusade. The memory of the Centre quest was still fresh when we reached Rome so our visit was documented at the first possible point. The day ended with an off course excursion to the Chickamauga Battlefield. Some of Chris's ancestors lived here at the time of the battle and a sign marks the former home site (Dyer House) but there is little else. A few remnants of the foundation can be found with a bit of searching but all else, including a family cemetery, has disappeared. A future visit is clearly in order.

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