Day 3: August 27, 2001
Tennessee & Beyond

There was some older road south of Bowling Green but, like Granddad & Granny, we did manage to avoid the cobble stones.

Granny's Letters:

This inn was here long before 1920 but Granny doesn't mention it. Of course, they were on a low budget that didn't allow for fancy accommodations. Since they had not stayed here, neither did we.

Granddad bought gas and oil here when he came through but, although we spotted what could have been the remains of a couple of old stations, a fuel purchase did not seem possible. Instead, we chatted with Kenneth, a trustee of this church. Initially erected in 1888, it has been much improved both before and after the Robbins passed by.

Beyond Lewisburg we looked for possible locations of the schoolyard camp site. The closest we came was this large school built in 1919. We found nothing to connect with Oak Grove. The store fronts are in Fayetteville where Frank lost his gloves. They have not turned up at the Lost & Found so I say we might as well give up on finding them.

Harrison Brothers, in Huntsville, may very well be where Granny purchased her 50 cent tub. They started business in 1879 and moved to the current location in 1897. All evidence of Cotton Row was erased in the 1960s but it used to be just to the right of the bank building. One local recalled seeing photographs of Model T vintage cars parked around the square where wagons drawn by oxen and carrying cotton unloaded. The spring is also beside the courthouse and marks the real starting point of Huntsville.

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