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September 10, 2001
Another trip is ended and we can start sorting out the memories and stories. Sixteen days, eleven states (plus D.C.), and less than an hour of rain while "on route". Pretty nice trip.

September 8, 2001
Part of the day was spent in the very attractive countryside of Virginia then it ended in the frantic traffic of Washington, D.C. In between were some sobering moments.

September 7, 2001
We crossed both South & North Carolina and made it just over the line to Virginia. Some gorgeous country but plenty of congested city, too.

September 6, 2001
Eight days after driving into Florida, we drove out. Eighty years of development have completely altered most of Florida's coast beyond recognition even though the towns are still there. It would be great to have enough time to visit some of the town museums and city hall picture galleries.

September 5, 2001
Car trouble (relatively minor) struck today and our incredible run of almost perfect weather ran out. Maybe we got all the bad luck out of the way at once.

September 3, 2001
We made the big turnaround at Miami, our journey's most southern point. Had a great visit with an aunt of mine, and have just turned west. We're on our way to Tampa.

August 31, 2001
We got to see, but not touch, the ocean at St. Augustine and had a chance to do laundry in Jacksonville. We ended the day by ducking into the nearest motel soon after we turned south and into an approaching storm.

August 30, 2001
Today we felt as if we really connected with the 1920 journey when we visited two springs where Frank & Gertrude camped. One of these was the location of their 1920 Thanksgiving dinner. Rain drops were just starting when I finished registering at the motel at the end of the day. The "on route" dry streak continues.

August 27, 2001
Rain started while we refreshed ourselves in Huntsville and continued during the drive to visit Chris's aunt in nearby Decatur. We have had great weather while on the "official" route although it seems to rain a lot at all other times.

August 26, 2001
As we drove from Cincinnati on Saturday, we just managed to avoid the rain that was moving in. It caught up only after we had checked into our motel. Today's weather was beautiful until we checked in then a real downpour hit us. Maybe we can keep all the rain at night.

August 25, 2001
The trip is officially underway. We're barely out of Ohio but we are far enough to realize how much more interesting US-25 is than I-75. It winds and rolls and actually has trees overhead. Not efficient but neither is it boring.

August 14, 2001 - Prelude
Late in the autumn of 1920, my Great-Grandparents headed south from Ohio to spend winter in the warmth of Florida. Not at all uncommon today but not something that everyone was doing eighty years ago. For the drive down, they formed a two car caravan with their Ford Model T and another couple in an Overland. They returned, via Washington, D.C., four months later.

Throughout those months, Granny kept in touch with the folks up north with numerous letters. Their daughter, my grandmother, saved hers and those letters have formed the basis for plans to retrace their adventure. The full text is available on this site and I hope to accompany each day's report on current activities with Granny's writings for the same territory. Launch date is August 25th.

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