The Corvette Turns

Day 1
getting there

Day 2
at the museum

Day 3
getting home

July 2, 2002
Alright! This one's tucked away with a day to spare before the July 4th outing to Alabama. No web action there, however. I'm gonna be independent.

July 1, 2002
The whirlwind is over. I'm home, I'm tired, and I'm trying to get that last day's story posted.

June 28, 2002
Now I get to join the party, if only at the edges. An early morning start for a mid-day arrival and a chance to see the Historic Motorama arrive (for the second time). The day ended with a banquet under a really big tent.

June 23, 2002
The party has started or at least the first guests are on the way. The Historic Motorama is poised in Flint, Michigan, ready for the drive to St. Louis and on to Bowling Green. Chaz Cone is not only filling the 1964 slot with his beautiful silver roadster, but is also providing news and views for our browsers. The Motorama is scheduled to reach Bowling Green Thursday evening and then the Anniversary Kick Off will really be underway. I'll be traveling to Bowling Green on Friday morning - too late for the Motorama's arrival but in time for much of the Friday festivities and all of Saturday's (the official D.O.B.). On Sunday, I hope to make a leisurely (after dashing to Louisville) return to Cincinnati along a portion of the Ohio River Scenic Route

Those party people at General Motors are planning a year long celebration for the Corvette's 50th birthday. Leading up to the official kick off in Bowling Green is the Historic Motorama with 'Vettes from each of the previous model years. The Corvette was conceived and initially built in Flint, Michigan. Production moved to St. Louis just before 1953 ended and remained there until it moved to Bowling Green in 1981. The motorama repeats this Flint to St. Louis to Bowling Green sequence and reaches Bowling Green on June 27.

Since I'm planning on being there for the party's climax, it seems like I ought to be there for the start. I do not have a precise schedule together yet but I doubt that I'll be there when the motorama arrives on Thursday. A Friday arrival seems more likely.

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