Day 2: June 29, 2002
Hanging in BG



I believe it would be possible to get some sort of complex by parking a non-yellow Corvette in this area. Besides the three in this picture, there are another three staying here. One of the owners told me that they had all six in a row for pictures on Thursday. I'm actually rather happy to see Corvettes of any color here. I tend to select motels on price rather than level of luxury and I must admit that, when I checked in, I thought I might have been a bit too stingy, this time. I first came to the motel yesterday, after spending some time at the museum and before the banquet. Of course, the vast majority of visiting 'Vettes were at the museum but a few were to be seen at most area motels. But, when I pulled into my motel, it looked pretty much like that second picture with the exception that a Mustang was parked about where the Sunbird is. Since I had booked this after finding other motels full, I was thinking that it must really be bad if it couldn't even get any overflow business except mine. I was much relieved when I pulled behind the building and found a couple other Corvettes in the lot. At the end of the day, when all museum activity had ended, the lot seemed as full of Corvettes as many others. But, this Super 8 does seem to attract a rather high percentage of yellow.

This is what I saw as I entered the museum mid-morning. Earlier visitors had, of course, seen only Brian's proposal but Mandy had responded and her acceptance was quickly posted by the staff.

Here are pictures of the museum's first and most recent Corvettes. The 1953 model is the one that Ray Quinlen donated to get the museum started.

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