In Dayton, Ohio, the Citizens Motorcar Company has been resurrected as a museum and home of Packard Automobile Classics (the national Packard club). It's just about the right distance for the first half of an Eastgate Corvette Club outing so we made a visit. Lots of cars along with other items from both the manufacturing and marketing sides of this Warren, Ohio based company. Here is a small sampling of the many vehicles on display at this very enjoyable stop.

At the time of the trip, there was no idea that this page would someday exist so no pictures were taken with the web in mind. On one hand, that may be a good thing but one result is that this is the only photographic clue that this was an ECC thing. This is at our lunch stop at Nanci's Porches in Kettering. Rather than attempting a coordinated caravan from here, we did a scramble to a meeting point in Milford.

We actually approached our final destination in small groups with ample opportunity to practice turnaround skills recovering from some choices that weren't quite right. This is the "garage" of car buff extraordinaire, Jim Jaeger. All cars here have a racing history and, almost without exception, are started at least once a month. This is every car guy's dream garage and has earned the name "Garage-mahal". The site is private but Jim often shares his treasures with local groups like ours and they are also shared with some not so local outfits like the National Corvette Museum and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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