Day 4: April 29
Homeward Bound



I retrieved the car from an almost empty garage that exited onto the route of an in process marathon. After explaining to police that I had not intented to enter the foot race in my car, I regained my bearings and retrieved Chris from the hotel. The path of the marathon seemed to bisect Cleveland and made our exit along the planned path impossible. After a longer than anticipated drive west along the lake, we connected with Route 3. The silver lining in this cloud was discovering an area filled with mansion sized houses that stretched along Franklin Bolevard. There must be some interesting history here.

Our first stop after escaping Cleveland was The Diner in Medina. The entire public square is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

This log cabin and docile buffalo were in what appeared to be someone's back yard just south of Creston.

Just before Wooster, we spotted the bright red Studebaker and stopped to learn that this was the 5th anniversary of the Hartzler's Dairy Store at that particular location and the 50th wedding anniversary of its owners. They were doing a 1951 flashback with 51 cent ice cream cones and a display of classic cars and tractors. I'd guess this is a pretty cool stop on any summer afternoon but extra so today.

Almost home at the Train Stop in Foster along the scenic (both state & national) Little Miami River. My own address used to be on this section of the Old 3C Highway that, instead of being bypassed by newer roads, was overpassed.

The final stop of the day at Rio Bravos Italian Restaurant. This would be one of my favorites even if it didn't sit on Route 3.

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